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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you seek financial advice there are a few things you need to consider. For example, do you want financial advice or are you looking specifically for information about certain financial products? Different advisers offer different levels of service and products. Please see some examples below of what questions you need to ask yourself and your financial adviser:

Do I need financial advice?

A financial adviser will not only give you advice about managing your money as a whole, but can also help you with certain needs or goals you may have; for example, if you are starting to save for a pension, are considering protecting your family in the event of accident, illness or death, are inheriting a lump sum of money, or are approaching retirement and wanting help in converting your pension fund into retirement income.

What type of services are available?

We offer two distinct types of service: our Wealth Management Service and our Advice on Demand Service.

Our Wealth Management Service is appropriate for clients requiring financial planning advice on an ongoing basis, and is the one chosen by the great majority of our long-standing clients.

Our Advice on Demand service is for clients who do not want ongoing advice and who would prefer to pay for advice focused only on specific areas as and when needs arise. In particular, this service may be appropriate for people who want to manage their own affairs for the most part but who want to take advice on one or more specific matter(s).

What products can an adviser offer?

Certain advisers will only offer a limited range of products, depending on whether those products are from the particular company, or group of companies, they work for. Some advisers will only offer advice on products from a limited number of providers, whereas others will offer advice on products from the whole of relevant market. Lighthouse London not only offer advice on products from the whole market, but we also specialise in providing advice to businesses and their employees.

What will I have to pay?

At the outset Lighthouse London arranges a preliminary meeting for the purpose of establishing whether we are able to assist with a prospective client's needs and objectives. At this meeting we will also discuss how we will be paid for our services should we be instructed to proceed. We will not charge a fee for this preliminary meeting.

As professional advisers we charge fees for our services. Once we have reached an agreement with you about the work you would like us to undertake on your behalf and all costs involved have been discussed, we will require you to sign a fee agreement before proceeding.

Our fees vary according to the complexity of your circumstances and objectives, the scope of the work required and the type of products we are implementing (eg investments, insurance etc). In addition, our fees reflect the regulatory responsibility we take for advice we give you.

Fees may be subject to VAT and we will advise you whether or not this is the case.